Homeowners Do Your Homework!

This blog is meant to serve as a guide to help you spot the shady companies who claim that they want to help you.  The vast majority of “Home Buyers/Investors” are good people with the utmost integrity… it’s the few bad apples that shed a dark light on those who sincerely want to help distressed […]

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Is Las Vegas A Good Place To Live?

  As recent California Transplants……we’d like to answer the question…….”Is Las Vegas A Good Place To Live?” We moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas a little over one year ago.  In our relatively short time of living here, we’ve learned a lot of things.  We’ve broken down our views into categories […]

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Home Security 101

I would like to share our Home Security story with you guys because when we moved into our new home we were faced with so many options that we didn’t know where to start. Like it our not, when you move into your new home, your phone will be ringing off the hook from home […]

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